SEED 1 day Pure - 32 lenses/ box

SEED is Japan’s leading contact lens maker. The lenses are entirely made in Japan to ensure the highest quality.
SEED 1-day Pure Moisture is a daily disposable contact lens that contains alginic acid as a natural moisturizing agent. Using SEED’s original zwitterionic material “SIB,” this contact lens includes a UV absorber that reduces UV rays' absorption.

32 lenses/box
BC 8.8
DIA 14.2

Power (Sph): -0.5~-6.0(0.25step)/ -6.5~-16 (0.50step)

723,000 ₫ 723000.0 VND 723,000 ₫

628,571 ₫

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Brand CL: SEED
Frequency: Daily Disposables
Type: Monofocal

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