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SEED 1 day Pure for Astigmatism 32 lenses/box
1,000,000 ₫ 1,000,000 ₫ 1000000.0 VND
SEED 1day Pure moisture for Astigmatism is a daily disposable soft contact lens entirely made in Japan. This series features enhanced astigmatism correction that offers clear vision as well as comfortable wearability for the eyes.

Amount per box: 30

Water Content: 58%
Base Curve: 8.80 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm

Power (Sph)
-0.25 D to -6.00 D (0.25 D steps)
-6.50 D to -10.00 D (0.50 D step)

Cylinder: -0.75D, 1.25D, -1.75D, -2.25D* (*180° only)
Axis:, 90°, 180°
Aveo 1-month Toric -6 lenses/ box
640,000 ₫ 640,000 ₫ 640000.0 VND
Aveo 1-Month soft contact lenses are monthly daily wear frequent replacement contact lenses designed to keep your eyes fresh throughout the entire day while you are out and about. This is the lens of choice for those who want superb yet affordable vision correction.

Amount: 6 lenses/ box

Material: Omafilcon A
Water Content: 58%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Center Thickness: 0.075 mm (@-3.00D)

Orientation Marking: Vertical single line at 6 o’clock

Power (Sph)

Sphere Powers -0.50 D to -6.00 D (in 0.25 D steps)
Cylinder Powers -0.75 D , -1.25 D , -1.75 D
Axis 10°,20°,90°, 160°, 170°, 180°
UV Blocking: Class 2 UV Blocker
Acuvue Oasys 2-week for Astigmatism 6 lenses/box
1,200,000 ₫ 1,200,000 ₫ 1200000.0 VND
This product is not yet available in Vietnam. You can order it with us and we will receive it in 4 weeks time.
Acuvue Moist 1-Day for Astigmatism
1,200,000 ₫ 1,200,000 ₫ 1200000.0 VND
Acuvue Moist 1-Day for Astigmatism